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Khalsa Centre Jr. Kaur's Camp 2022

Welcome to Registration for Camp!

The camp will be July 4-7th, 2022. We will meet on July 4th at 10 am at Khalsa School Old Yale Road (10677 124th Street). We will return to Khalsa School Old Yale Road on July 7th around 3:00 pm.

Please fill out this form in full. Includes general information, medical information, and medical consent forms. All medical information is confidential.

For fields for which your answer is 'Not Applicable', enter no or 0.

For further questions, contact us at: 604-908-5575 or email

We would like campers to learn and participate according to their comfort and willingness, and we hope to make camp an enjoyable and enlightening experience. Your honest answers to these questions would, therefore, help us in accomplishing this goal.

There will be a $175.00 fee for the campers. This fee will cover the cost of the campers’ lodging, meals, workshops and recreational rentals. FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to having you at Camp!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


Camper Information


Parent Information

Emergency Contact Info

Contact person in case of emergency.

Camper Medical Information

Does the Registrant suffer from any of the following medical conditions?:
Are all vaccinations for this camper up to date?

Consent Agreements

All of the medical information is accurate as of today’s date. If there are any changes between now and the camp, I agree to notify Khalsa Centre Staff with updated information.

Consent to Medical Treatment

I agree that the camp staff, counselors and volunteers accept no liability in connection with the supervision or administration of medication to my child.

Camp staff will not supervise the administration of prescribed medication to students unless the parent or guardian expressly authorizes the administration of medication at Camp, the parent or guardian provides explicit written instructions regarding the manner in which the medication is to be administered, and there are staff available to undertake this task.

I do hereby consent to administering prescription medication and to emergency medical treatment to my son/daughter while he/she is at Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley.

By entering my name below, I am providing my signature agreeing to all written above.
(If camper is under 19, below must be signed by parent/guardian) *

Consent Form

I, (Parent or Guardian or camper if over the age of 19), give my son/daughter permission to attend and participate at the Sikh Youth Camp at Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley in Mission, BC.

I understand that my child will be participating in activities such as bus ride to and from Surrey to Khalsa Centre, kirtan darbars, lectures, workshops, sports, and any other activities the organizer may deem fit for this Sikh Youth Camp. I understand that Satnam Education Society, its officers, directors, trustees, employees, volunteers, agents, servants, predecessors, successors, parents, and associated companies are not liable for any injury that occurs to any participant while participating in any camp activities or loss of any property of any participants.

I give permission for my son/daughters pictures/audio/video to be taken and give permission for the materials to be used on camp related advertising, website, pamphlets, etc.

(If camper is under 19, below must be signed by parent/guardian) *

General Information

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