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KHalsa Centre Staff Application

We are excited to let you know about our staff positions available for the 2024 Sikh Youth Camps being offered at Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley. We are entering our 14th year of seva and we are super excited to add some quality staff members to our team.

Thank you for your interest in working at Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley where one can serve the Sikh Community by helping young people explore the beauty of living the Sikh Way of Life. You could be a part of the most amazing outreach into children's lives.

Since Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley is owned and operated by Satnam Education Society, priority will be given to Sikhs.

We have up to 15 positions available to be filled at Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley all of these positions are scheduled to provide a number of hours in the day for rest and hang—out time, and also for involvement with the camp program. When not scheduled on regular duties, operations staff are encouraged to assist in many ways such as helping with activities and events, talking with campers on the sidelines, attending Gurdwara, being involved in a skit, making the campfire, etc.

Each staff member is expected to teach an activity and counsel. Our staff run the adventure programs, such as High-Ropes, Zip-line, Rock-Climbing, Canoeing, Archery and Paintball.

Candidates need to be/have:
1. Physically fit to work up to 12-14 hours a day.
2. Work in a high-stress environment, where you must be pro-active at all times.
3. Be flexible on schedule, our schedule can change at any given time.
4. Be between 15-30 years of age.
5. Driver license is preferred but not required.
6. Have valid first-aid

Important information:

1. As Camp Staff you are required to be onsite for 24 hours a day during camps.
2. Currently we will be working June 26th to August 31st.  Some 6 week positions will be available.  Most will be the full 9 weeks. 
3. Wages will vary depending on experience. Room and Board is included for the duration of your work period.

If you are successful documents needed prior to start date:
1. Criminal Record Check with a vulnerable sector search
2. Proof of Citizenship Copy
3. Social Insurance Card Copy
4. Resume
5. Standard First Aid/CPR/AED

Please submit your application (, resume and cover letter by email


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