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At it’s heart, Khalsa Centre is about special people: the people who visit, the people who volunteer, and the people who are on staff full-time. This talented team, has helped establish Khalsa Centre.

Working at Khalsa Centre is all about having a meaningful job in inspiring surroundings. You can rest assured that you are using your gifts and calling in the service of your Guru and others, while enjoying nature at its best – not to mention the exceptional cooking and ‘cabin in the woods’ feel of the buildings.

For Khalsa Centre staff, spiritual fulfillment comes with a whole lot of fun. Throughout the year, for a full-time employee of Khalsa Centre, there are almost unlimited leisure opportunities in the form of outdoor activities, indoor pursuits, and sports, and we keep coming up with more! You are guaranteed the chance to learn several new hobbies – skills, even – in your time on staff at Khalsa Centre.

What an opportunity to serve Waheguru and the Khalsa Panth, while enjoying recreational facilities bar none, in a splendidly scenic setting. It all makes for great quality of life. Let’s see if we can find a match between each other’s needs, and what we have to offer. Please explore our employment opportunities below.

Positions Available At Khalsa Centre Are:

Summer positions:  Khalsa Centre is looking for people of all ages, single or married, to serve for a week, or for the entire summer.


Volunteers are Khalsa Centre, are post secondary students or recent graduates, who are in different fields. All our staff have their First Aid Certification and Criminal Record Checks.

Hosts:  Our volunteer hosts are an invaluable resource to our guests and staff.  Please contact the office at 604-820-4000 or Sundeep Kaur at 604-908-5575.

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